5 formas de expresar IF

Other conditional terms Apart from “if”, we can find other terms that are conditional. These are some examples: In case (of) In case she has done it, I will call her. En el caso de que lo haya hecho, la llamaré. As soon as I’ll go there as soon as he tells me. Iré en cuanto me lo diga. […]

Verbs followed by infinitives- Verbos seguidos de infinitivo

  Este es un listado de 15 verbos que van seguidos de verbos en infinitivo. He colocado un * en los verbos que también pueden ir seguidos por gerundio. 1) Agree-Estar de acuerdo/ acordar Advertencia: AGREE no va nunca antecedido por el verbo to be. No se dice: I’m AGREE. Ejemplos: I AGREED TO SIGN the contract. […]

Modal verbs

The Modal verbs What are modal verbs? Modal verbs are a type of auxiliary verbs that change “the mode” (that’s the origin of the word “modal”) of other verbs. For example, if I say: – I play football every Saturday. I can change the “mode” of the verb “to play” by placing a modal verb right before […]

Passive voice with GET- Voz pasiva con GET

  The passive voice can also be made with “get”. Note: It is most commonly used in American English. Examples: I get paid every month- Me pagan todos los meses. When are they going to get married? ¿Cuándo se casarán? He got picked up at the office. Le recogieron en la oficina. He didn’t get picked up at the office. No le recogieron en la oficina. Note: […]